Company Profile

Our brewery was founded by Shogoro Takeda in 1890 in a town called Yanbe at the foot of Zao mountain range, near the northeast part of Yamagata City. As a brewery, our goal is to make use of Yamagata’s plentiful nature and our time-honed techniques for a unique method of sake brewing, and to resolutely challenge ourselves to make sake with new rice that matches modern tastes.

Company name Shuho Sake Brewery
Established in 1890年
Founded in 1890年
President and CEO President and CEO Shoichi Takeda
Capital 20 million yen
Head Office 1-6-6, Yambemachi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata, 990-0063, Japan
Phone number TEL:+81-23-641-0026 FAX:+81-23-622-8192

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